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Life in my home with 14 pets.

Having 14 pets is a lot of work but totally worth it!!

Of course, our personal space has been minimized! We no dinning room anymore; it is a full pet room. Guinea pig & chinchilla cages, fish tank, 5 comfortable beds, litter boxes for Betsy and lots of toys! We travel every weekend to our country house, the 2 guinea pigs, 2 chinchillas, 2 dogs, pig, myself and the 2 kids all stuff in between the suitcases & groceries to go meet our ducks & chickens. The pets are all about the cuddles so they often park them selves in our beds for the night, it’s a tight squeeze filled with lots of snoring but we love it!

Dinnertime can be quite insane!! In our home everyone needs to be separated to eat or all hell breaks loose. If any of the pets have a chance to get a hold of the others food they will plummet through it without respect! So they are all fed in separate rooms. When the caged pets get wind of food time, they start singing for veggies, so all 7 of them have to eat at the same time!

But the most important thing is that our family wouldn’t be then same without them! Ella & Chase have just blossomed with our pets, in ways that I would never be able to teach them! Having them in their lives has taught them kindness, empathy, compassion while instilling them with a growing sense of responsibility, strength & confidence. In return, they get so much warmth & affection from our pets, enriching their childhood days with memorable joyful experiences.

Currently, we’re located in the Montreal area, but always looking to collaborate with other creatives. Let us know what you’re up to!

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